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Dear friend: Hockey is an exciting, fast paced game that requires a number of varying athletic abilities to achieve success. And we're becoming more aware of the need for dryland training and off-season hockey training workouts.
But guess what?

  • Many of these current workouts use the wrong approach.
  • Many of these programs are not customized to your individual needs and goals.
  • Many of these programs do not provide day by day detailed information as to what you should be doing.

And you know what happens when you follow a program of this type?

You miss out on the scholarship.


You don't make the final cut.

Making the cut

You end up on the losing side.

Losing side

You end up injured.


These are the low points in the game of hockey. And I'm guessing you've experienced at least one if not more of these unfortunate situations.

I'd have to say for an athlete losing and being injured are probably the two worst things to go through.

But it doesn't have to be this way!

There is something you can do about this. You can control your destiny. There is a way to ensure your training leads to on ice performance.

Don't believe me? Consider the following TRUE story.

A few years ago I was approached by a junior level hockey player for some help with his off-season training.

Now this wasn’t a player that was lacking in size or talent. He had always been a goal scorer coming up through the various levels of hockey. And he had a great mix of size to dominant another player physically yet could still keep pace with the quickest guys out there.

And oh yeah, this guy had already been drafted by an NHL team.

So you could say he was on this way to making it to the pros and living out his dream of playing in the NHL.

Just like working with a championship thoroughbred, a trainer can sometimes do more harm than good with athletes that are already at the top level and on their way.

And guess what?

This player experienced some remarkable gains during only one off-season of training.

And in the section below you can read all the great accomplishments he achieved.

Because let’s be fair...

HE did all the work. HE put in the sacrifices. HE was the one that was on time for every session and did everything exactly the way I asked him to. HE is the one due all the great things that happened to him the following year and for many years to come.

I was fortunate to be able to design the training and nutritional program that maybe helped these things happen sooner or at a higher level.

But in the end they are HIS accomplishments.

I know and personally observed the gains and results made during that off-season. But let's look at the stats and milestones he achieved in only ONE off-season!

Look what he accomplished the following season after I fixed his approach to training.

  • He put on 12 pounds of lean body mass and is now up 26 lbs since we corrected his approach to training!
  • He increased his speed and agility on a larger frame!
  • He won the 'Iron Man' award for the top fitness scores on his junior team!
  • He corrected his movement dysfunctions and eliminated his back pain!
  • He had a career year in goals and point totals!
  • He led his team to the Memorial Cup Championship game and finished second in WHL play-off scoring!
  • He was named an Assistant Captain on his team!
  • He had at the Memorial Cup what TV commentator's called 'the best shift ever' in junior hockey in a championship game!
  • He signed his first NHL pro contract!
  • He moved on to play pro hockey while he still had eligibility as a junior player!
  • He had a section of his home team's arena named after him!

As I was saying, these are some truly remarkable accomplishments.

And this tells you a little bit about one the players I had the chance to work with.

So who am and what makes me so qualified to help you become a top prospect?

Let me introduce myself and and fill you on what qualifies me as the expert to be the provider of your hockey training program.

Chris Collins
Chris Collins M.Sc. CSCS
Expert Hockey Trainer

My name is Chris Collins and I am a strength and conditioning specialist from Kelowna, BC, Canada. I am certified through the NSCA and hold a Master of Science degree in physiology. Over the years I have worked with hundreds of hockey players just like you helping them experience their best season's ever. And this includes everyone from young minor hockey league players, to adult rec league players up through the professional ranks of the NHL.

You see my job is to learn, to research and to put together the master plan to build the ultimate hockey player. I guess I'm kind of like the mad-scientist of hockey training.


My passion is helping people just like you become that strongest, fastest and best hockey player possible.

But wait a minute. Anyone can tell how great they think they are. Let's go straight to the source and see what the different pro and top level hockey players I've had the chance of working with have to say.

'By far the most effective training program this NHL player has used'

'Chris Collins training has helped me excel to become a high level athlete. Throughout my long grueling season, my conditioning and strength training from the summer has kept me performing at a high level and prevented any injuries. I found that Chris's training was very personalized and helped me improve my weaknesses while still excelling my strong points. He really understood my body and the things I needed to work on, while keeping me comfortable and confident in all the movements and exercises. His training program really stands out from other training programs I have tried. This was by far the most effective and efficient training program to help me become the best I can be as a player.'

Cody AlmondCody Almond
2nd in 2008 WHL playoff scoring
Minnesota Wild – NHL

'Extremely thorough with no short-cuts' says this WHL star'

'Working with Chris was far beyond just going thru routine drills. Chris is extremely thorough with no shortcuts and pushes beyond normal body comfort levels. He is an amazing example of what can be achieved and goes the extra mile and then some. Not just a great guy but an excellent role model.'

Brady BrassartBrady Brassart
NHL Draft 2011
Spokane Chiefs – WHL

'Allowed him to excel past his competition physically and mentally'

'Working with Chris was the best experience of my training. It helped me excel past my competition physically and mentally.'

Max MowatMax Mowat
2009 BC Major Midget All-Star
NHL Draft 2011
Kamloops Blazers – WHL

His training earned him a pro contract in Europe.

'Through Chris's program I learned the importance of little technical changes you make in your workout so the body benefits the most from your workout, with great knowledge in kinesiology; he emphasizes the importance of technique during strength training.'

Jeremy WagnerJeremy Wagner
Hannover Indians, Germany Oberliga

'He knows how to get players to the next level' says this European Pro.

'I have played hockey all over North America and in Europe. Chris stands out as one of the most knowledgeable and gifted strength coaches I have come across. He knows how to get the most out of hockey players and get them to the next level.'

Jason DeleurmeJason Deleurme
50+ WHL goal scorer
Bossier-Shreveport – CHL

Alright you're probably thinking 'I do want to be faster, have a quicker release and be less prone to injury!'

Well you're in luck because I've compiled everything I use when training NHL pros into one package.

This package is the Premier Hockey Training program.

How does the Premier Hockey Training program accomplish this?

By giving you the exact training elements I use when training NHL players. That's right. You get the inside track and get to use the cutting-edge training program.

You get the same program used by NHL player Cody Almond.

Cody Almond score
Cody Almond looking to score

You get everything I use with the top pros in the game of hockey.

And it's all into one unit in the Premier Hockey Training program.


Here's what you get.

  • Component #1Component #1 – Premier Hockey Training Assessment Package and Corrective Exercise 'Cheat Sheet' value $97

    This component walks you through a detailed full-body assessment that picks up on your weaknesses. Weaknesses that if left unaddressed will be exploited by your opponent. Weaknesses where you are leaking energy and leaving speed on the bench instead of on the ice. Weaknesses that left unattended may lead to season ending injury. But not to leave you stranded you get a corrective exercise 'Cheat Sheet' that quickly and clearly tells you how to identify many of the compensations and weaknesses you may suffer from.
  • Component #2Component #2 – Premier Hockey Training Conditioning Principles $57 value

    This component lays out for you the 8 critical elements you absolutely need to know before you begin your energy system training. These elements are so vital that by ignoring them players risk lower power output, over-training and potential injury. Feel confident knowing you've got this 'top-secret' report in your arsenal.
  • Component #3Component #3 – Premier Hockey Training Hockey Specific Weight Training Workouts $97 value

    This component provides detailed day-by-day workouts showing you exactly what lifts to do and when. No circus act lifts or beach body workouts. Only serious lifts for hockey players serious about being the best they can be. Many of the hockey programs out there right now don't tell you what to do on a particular day, how much to do or when to take a rest day. This program spells out from start to finish everything you need to do, every day, for the entire program. Eliminate the guesswork and get to work. You get specific drills and exercises to extract another 3-5 mph out of your shot and first step. Learn the correct way to perform these complex lifts and ways to tweak them to minimize strain and add speed to your game.
  • Component #4Component #4 – Premier Hockey Training Hockey Energy System Training (HEST) $97 value

    This component includes the complete 'Hockey Energy System Training' (HEST). With HEST you will have speed to win battles for loose pucks. You will have the threshold to stay out for a double shift. And lastly you will have enough left in the tank for the 3rd period and overtime. Ensure you've got all your energy system bases covered for hockey with HEST.
  • Component #5Component #5 – Premier Hockey Training Meal Plans $67 value

    With this component you get up to 6 different breakfasts, lunch and dinner options to choose. Included as well is the breakdown of how many calories, protein, carbs and fats to eat at every. Every meal listed in this component shows this complete breakdown so you know exactly what you are getting when you fuel up.
  • Component #6Component #6 – Premier Hockey Training Recovery Strategies $57 value

    The information in this report will be your 'ace up your sleeve'. Learn 8 cutting-edge strategies that allow you to recover more than your opponent in less time. The information contained within this report is crucial for success during tournaments and play-offs.
  • Component #7Component #7 – Premier Hockey Training Exercise Video Lifting Library $97 value

    Over 100 videos providing detailed footage of every single lift, exercise, warm-up and stretch in the Premier Hockey Training program. Get access to the detailed information that will allow you to perform complex, whole body lifts safely while making huge gains on the training room floor.

In other words you get everything you need to become the fastest hockey player you can possibly be. You get the exact program being used by NHL pros today.

But I'm always working to improve the product I give my hockey players to use. And what that means is that I'm constantly creating additional workouts, strategies and reports for them to gain another step on the competition. Read on to see what else is included with this package!


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  • Bonus #1Bonus #1 Premier Hockey Training Core Training $47 value

    Learn exactly how to improve your core strength and stability while improving your hockey performance. See which types of drills are currently being done wrong in hockey training programs and not only leaving you short changed performance-wise but potentially vulnerable to injury.
  • Bonus #2Bonus #2 Premier Hockey Training Nutrient Timing $47 value

    Be among the first hockey player anywhere applying this bleeding-edge technology that gives you a sizeable advantage over your opponent. Learn exactly why it matters more and more the quality of your food choices and when you eat. Specific guidelines are given for pre, during and post workout meal strategies.
  • Bonus #3Bonus #3 Premier Hockey Training Auxiliary Workouts $37 value

    In addition to the power and speed based weight room workouts you get an additional auxiliary workout. This workout keeps everything in alignment, enhances recovery, furthers your gains and minimizes the potential for injury. Our NHL pros swear by these workouts.
  • Bonus #4Bonus #4 Premier Hockey Training Psychology for Hockey $43 value

    At the highest levels sometimes the only difference between success and failure involves believing in you. This bonus report, 12 Key Questions for Athletes, Coaches and Parents, is compliments of Dr. Cal Botterill, sports psychologist to Olympic and NHL hockey teams.
  • Bonus #5Bonus #5 Premier Hockey Training In-Season Workouts $37 value

    What worked during the off-season isn't necessarily what you do in-season. Get a specific in-season workout to compliment your practice and game schedule.
  • Bonus #6Bonus #6 Premier Hockey Training '13 Minute Performance Prep' $17 value

    This proprietary hockey-specific aspect of the workout ensures the right muscles are ready to go when you need them at the level you need them. It helps decrease the potential for injury and takes a minimal amount of time to provide huge benefits.
  • Bonus #7Bonus #7 Premier Hockey Training 3 Call Phone Coaching $247 value

    In order to ensure you have complete support, comprehension and success with the program you also receive complimentary phone coaching. Use this to ensure you are on the right track and get the most out of your training.

Total value of the program $567
Total value of the bonuses $475
Combined total value $1042

Although it is worth well over the listed value you won't pay anywhere near $1042.

In fact the Premier Hockey Training program sells for only $87!


Full Package

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You can't even pick up a new twig for that much.



And forget about any length of summer hockey camp which can run up to $1000/week!

Summer Camp


Got a question? You're not alone. Here's what others have asked about the Premier Hockey Training program.


  1. Q. 'My coach got a program for our team to follow. Can't I just use that?'
    A. That's great your coach recognizes the value of off-ice training. But just as you wouldn't have the guy who sharpens your skates draw up the plays for your power play you will get the best results from following a program designed by certified strength and conditioning specialist.
  2. Q. 'Someone recommended a hockey program from a former pro-hockey player. Wouldn't that work for me?'
    A. While a pro hockey player may have been exposed to some novel training methods during their career these methods change and the science of athletic training evolves rapidly. What worked during their days as a pro may not be the best option to realize the best results. Also being a top level player is not the same as being someone who spends all of their time and energy developing training programs to produce top end hockey players.
  3. Q. 'I'm already the fastest guy on my team, why do I need this program?'
    A. As you move from one level to the next in the game of hockey the speed of the game is the one thing that continues to increase. This program seeks out weak links in your movements that allow you increase your speed even more while becoming more resilient to injury.
  4. Q. 'Many of the hockey training programs I've come across claim to offer the same things. What makes this one so much better?'
    A. It's true. The key difference is that over the years I have developed a unique ability to get the best results for the least effort. This is not about taking short-cuts but about maximizing your efforts and getting the best return on your investment. Our exercise selection, program design and coaching abilities always result in our hockey players making greater gains, sooner than any of our competitors. If substantial improvement in minimal time is important to you than Premier Hockey Training is the program for you.
  5. Q. 'There's a lot of mention of NHL players. Will this program work for me if I'm not at that level?'
    A. Absolutely. We recommend you be at least ten years old to follow the program. The Assessment Package identifies what you need to work on and provides specific areas for you to focus on. Other aspects of the program can be easily modified if necessary.
  6. Q. $87 seems like a lot of money. Is it worth it?
    A. 100% yes. I have hockey players that drive in over an hour every day in the summer to work with me. Others will move for the summer to be closer to us and facilitate training. And these guys are spending upwards of $7000 for their off-season training. I almost feel guilty giving away what they spend so much on for so little.
  7. Q. What if it doesn't work for me?
    A. Well you would be the first in that case. But even if that should happen you have an entire 60 days to try the product out and still request a full 100% refund.


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I know the Premier Hockey Training program to be the best investment you'll ever make in your hockey training. I'm so sure of this I'll back it up with a




Don't waste any more of your time and money on programs that don't produce the kind of results I have gotten with NHL players.

Don't wonder how far you could have gone in hockey if you had access to a top level training program.

Don't miss another shift due to an injury that could have been prevented.

Make the best investment in your hockey career and order Premier Hockey Training.


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ps...I've just got one last thing to mention...

This program gets rediculous results. But there's a catch...

And the catch is you have to buy in 100% and give the program your best effort.

Because if you can do that and can already see yourself as a top prospect then don't waste another moment.

Let's get started today!

Chris Collins


Chris Collins M.Sc. CSCS
Hockey Training Expert


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